Artist Statement

I draw comics because I love drawing comics.

I began drawing—and drawing comics—at a young age. Over the years, my stories grew in length and complexity, evolving from strip comics to mini comics to short graphic novels.

As I started to take my craft more seriously, I was told by an editor that I was unpublishable (and looking back at what I was shopping around then, I probably was!), but I kept drawing because I loved it.

Once my fan base grew, and my work conituned to evolve from craft to (dare I say) art, the pubslishers started to find me. Just by doing my own thing, the likes of Marvel, Vertigo, Lionforge, H&O Editions, and Seven Stories have found me; and my short stories have been published in anthologies by Fantagraphics and Oni.

My solo work tends to hit close to home, telling cynical tales of life and love. Even when drawing stories for established publishers, I try to work in (or sneak in) themes and imagery that people expect from Tim Fish.

Today, I continue to write and draw short stories...but given the demands of my day job, life at the artist loft building I live in, and other interests (primarily designing, building, and refinishing furniture), I'm primarily completing projects for established publishers.

However, I am thrilled to be part of a blossoming association with Monica Gallagher and Greg Lockard. As Poison Press, we strive to challenge each other in areas where we seek to improve.






  © Tim Fish 2016